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natural curative source
The utilisation of the thermal springs makes the base of the balneological treatment in Trencianske Teplice. The healing effect of the springs has been known for ages and the first written document about the springs dates from 1247. The spa began to flourish due to the unique quality of the springs and became an outstanding one. Nowadays 5 springs are being utilized. The water from the 5 springs flows directly into the pools. This balneologically ideal temperature of the thermal water is outstanding and so its quality is not affected by any mechanical interference. The patients bathe directly in the curative springs, which reach a temperature of 37,7 - 40° C. The springs are of the same chemical type and contain natural, healing, mineralized sulphur, calcium and magnesium containing thermal water. For its quite high content of titrated sulphur / hydrogen sulphide/ - about 5 mg/l the water is predestined especially to treatment of locomotor apparatus diseases. It has a demonstrably favorable effect, which is being proved by many years of experience.